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Angelwax Blue Rinse Post Wash Rinse 1L


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Product Description

Angelwax Blue Rinse Wax Infused Post Wash Rinse. This has been developed as the final step of your vehicle wash cycle.

Blue Rinse is a water based spray on, rinse off wax that is designed to aid the drying and gloss finish of your vehicle. Once Blue Rinse has been sprayed onto the surface it creates a hydrophobic layer ensuring that water cannot remain on your vehicle once rinsed off.

For the best results wash and rinse the vehicle thoroughly. Then apply Angelwax Blue Rinse through a foaming lance on a pressure washer and cover the entire vehicle and leave to dwell for a couple of minutes. Finally rinse off and dry. You can also use Angelwax Blue Rinse with the supplied spray nozzle.

Key Features:

  • Creates a hydrophobic layer ensuring that the water just runs off the surface
  • Use with a foaming lance or with the supplied spray nozzle
  • Can be diluted to 5:1

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