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Angelwax Cleanliness Citrus Pre Wash 5L

Angelwax Cleanliness 1L


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Product Description

Angelwax Cleanliness Concentrated Orange Pre-Wash has been formulated to remove bugs, road grime, bird lime and contamination from the bodywork of your vehicle.

Cleanliness has been designed to be used through a foaming lance on a pressure washer or via a spray bottle. It’s safe to use on all vehicle surfaces and it won’t harm your existing wax and sealant layers.

For heavily soiled vehicles use 1:1 dilution and for lightly soiled vehicles use up to 1:5 dilution.

Key Features:

  • High Foaming Citrus Pre-Wash
  • Solvent Free and safe to use on all surfaces
  • Won’t harm your wax & sealant layers

*Image shows 1L version

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