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Angelwax Luminosity Matte Car Care Kit


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Product Description

Angelwax Luminosity Matte Car Care Kit had been put together to create the ultimate Matte finish protection

The Kit Consists of Angelwax Luminosity Matte Shampoo 500ml, Angelwax Luminosity Wax 30ml & Angelwax Luminosity QED 500ml plus a wax applicator pad.

Angelwax Luminosity Matte Shampoo 500ml:

This is a pH Neutral shampoo designed specially for cleansing matte paintwork and matte wrapped vehicles.Luminosity has been developed with special chemicals free from waxes and silicones making it the ideal for the sensitive matte surface. At the same time it’s neutral pH makes it safe to use without damaging you Matte Waxes such as Angelwax Luminosity Wax.

Angelwax Luminosity Matte Wax 30ml:

Is a speciality matte detailing wax that has been developed to protect the surface finish of matte wrapped and matte painted vehicles. This unique wax protects the bodywork from harmful contaminants whilst preserving the matte finish ensuring that it remains lustreless. As with all Angelwax Products, Luminosity contains the finest Waxes and Natural Oils making this the ultimate Wax for anyone with a Matt Vehicle.

Angelwax Luminosity QED:

This quick detailer is gentle on matte surfaces and yet leaves them dull and lustreless whilst having excellent cleaning properties to ensure a matte, gloss-free finish. Luminosity Matte QED is pH neutral and completely wax safe, it’s purpose to quickly and easily clean and remove light dirt, dust, fingerprints and to add protection to your wax layer. It’s ideal for every day use or for taking to show to ensure you vehicle looks it’s best all the time.

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