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Angelwax Revelation Fallout Remover 500ml

Angelwax Revelation 500ml


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Product Description

Angelwax Revelation is a pH Neutral Fallout Remover safe to use on all vehicle surfaces.

Revelation is the complete solution for removing harmful ferrous metals from wheels and bodywork, which if left untreated can penetrate the surface of the paint and cause corrosion. Through daily use of your vehicle, contamination from both break dust and road grime attach themselves to the wheels and bodywork. The high temperature iron found in the break dust can become very stubborn to remove on both your wheels and bodywork. Anglewax Revelation identifies the whereabouts of these harmful iron particles on your Vehicle by highlighting the contaminations a deep red/purple.Angelwax Revelation forms a bond to the ferrous metals on your vehicle making it water soluble for easy removal.

After Using Angelwax Revelation wash the Vehicle with Angelwax Superior Shampoo and then treat with Angelwax QED

Key Features:

  • Complete solution for removing harmful ferrous metals from your vehicle
  • pH Neutral
  • Safe to use on Paintwork & Wheels

*Product supplied with Spray Nozzle

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