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Angelwax Uber-Lube 500ml

Angelwax Uber-Lube


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Product Description

Angelwax Uber-Lube superior clay bar lubricant has been formulated to remove contamination and fallout from the paint and glass surfaces on your vehicle. Angelwax Uber-Lube has been designed for use in conjunction with the Angelwax Clay Bar.

The ultra slick formulation of Angelwax Uber-Lube makes this clay bar lubricant virtually effortless and extremely safe to use. The bodywork and glass on your vehicle is subject to contamination from a variety of chemical, environmental and industrial pollutions such as bird lime, tar, tree sap, ferrous metals and salt. These harmful contaminants cannot be removed by simply polishing or washing away, they require a clay bar and clay bar lubricant to safely remove them from the paint surface. Once the paintwork has been treated it is suitably prepared for polishing and waxing.

For long lasting protection use Angelwax Perfect Polish after the vehicle has been treated with Angelwax Uber-Lube.

Key Features:

  • Provide perfect lubrication for clay bar
  • Aids clay bar to remove harmful contaminants safely
  • Product supplied with spray nozzle

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